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My Future Work

My Future Work is an innovative Learning and Development (L&D) Agency, founded by Melody Xaba and Lebogang Mofolo, that specialises in Instructional Design and Customer Education Strategy and Design.

My Future Work creates engaging and effective e-learning experiences for businesses and institutions. They take content from the subject matter experts (or develop content themselves) and convert it into an interactive digital format that can be delivered on any device desktop, mobile or tablet.

The agency offers services to a range of businesses, including corporates as well as educational institutions.

Using cutting edge software and multimedia, the content created is engaging and exciting for students, regardless of the subject matter.


My Future Work’s Journey With LevelUp


My Future Work was introduced to the LevelUp programme by the TSIBA Ignition Academy in 2020 and, since  then, “a lot has happened,” says Melody. The business was a natural fit for LevelUp, although the My Future Work team also had to adjust to online sessions when lockdown started due to Covid-19.

They credit one of their largest business decisions to their LevelUp mentor. “Peter potentially saved us a lot of time and money and helped guide us in a different direction from the one that we were about to launch.” The team agree that LevelUp felt a lot more like a partnership than other entrepreneurial development programmes that they  had experienced.

The LevelUp team contracted My Future Work to digitise content for LevelUp to enable the programme to run in an online setting. They have also developed a state of the art set of digital flipbooks that introduce topics related to Innovation to RCS staff.


The Future For My Future Work


My Future Work found themselves extremely busy with the onset of Covid-19. As many operations moved online, including teaching, there has been a drive to digitise content, and instructional design has become a necessity for many businesses to engage with their stakeholders.

The business is set to continue growing with the launch of a new digital platform that will enable children to learn in their mother tongue. My Future Work is dedicated to creating innovative and engaging material to improve education in South Africa.