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According to a recent McKinsey report, companies that integrate creativity, analytics, and purpose are delivering at least twice the growth of their peers.

In an analysis of what this means, Stellenbosch University’s Institute for Future Studies points out that the pandemic disrupted not just life and health, but also business practices. Years worth of innovation was fast-tracked, transforming the way we work and how we position ourselves in the market. As a result, the business milieu is unrecognisable from BC (Before Covid).

If there is a “new normal”, it’s that purpose is at the heart of business. Around that “backbone”, businesses are having to redefine the role of creativity in establishing what and how they operate, using analytics to inform the process.

One spotlight that cannot be ignored was on inequality, not limited to gender and race issues. It has shown up globally, from police abuse of power, to powerful but corrupt politicians cynically profiting off the social contracts Covid asked us to buy into. Now is the time for businesses to bring their creativity to bear in engaging with how to create a more equal society and consumer base.