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Chameleon Schools

Chameleon Schools is an inclusive independent educational institution which provides a high quality educational experience for children between the ages of approximately 5 to 15 years.

Their campus offers facilities to 250 children from the Educare and Primary School Education phases. They also offer Aftercare and Holiday Care for the children from their schools and surrounding communities. Chameleon Schools also encourages and supports parents in their parenting skills by organising ongoing workshops and parent meetings.

As a community of concerned educators and parents, Chameleon Schools is legally structured as an Inclusive Independent / Private Educational Institution with a
Parent Body and is registered with the Department of Health, Department of Social Services and the Western Cape Education Department.


Chameleon School’s Journey With LevelUp


Chameleon Schools joined the original intake of LevelUp entrepreneurs in 2019, when the entire  programme was delivered in person. Delia Cupido, founder and executive director, says that, although she was unsure of what to expect from the programme, the mentorship and safe space provided by LevelUp supported her, even during the trying times of Covid-19.

Although the school has always been successful, the LevelUp programme encouraged Delia to better understand how procedures and systems play a part in her business. Chameleon Schools has historically struggled with staffing issues, but the LevelUp workshops that delved into the subject of Human Resources have enabled Delia to better assess the skillsets she has at her disposal and decide what she potentially needs to outsource.

For Delia, the highlight of the programme was  connecting with other entrepreneurs and discovering the difficulties that they share. She says that the LevelUp programme was an empowering experience  that changed her perspective on her own business.


The Future For Chameleon Schools


Covid-19 had a significant impact on Chameleon Schools. As many parents lost their jobs and could no longer afford school fees, the school also lost approximately 30% of their learners. Although most parents were able to support the school by paying their fees, the school offered a significant discount on their fees to assist families during lockdown. Of course, the  move to online teaching was another significant change brought on by the pandemic, and the school needed to reimagine its infrastructure as well as its income  streams.

Nevertheless, Delia and her team remain extremely hopeful about the future. The school is in a rezoning process, which will allow Chameleon Schools to expand its property and accept more learners. They are also developing cultural programmes, including schools of  music and sport, which will encourage much needed social interaction between children. Delia has also hinted at the development of a training  programme for young women that have recently left matric to help prepare them for the job market.