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Paymenow is a financial wellness and inclusion platform that allows employees early access to already earned wages.

The service aims to empower users on how to migrate from indebtedness to becoming investors.

The platform promotes responsible financial behaviour and encourages saving.

Paymenow’s vision is to initially ease the burden inflicted by payday and microlenders through affordable, real time access to cash and to then educate and assist in reaching financial goals.

Their mission is to restore the dignity and quality of life for people faced with economic stress by changing financial behaviour responsibly, providing early access to wages and empowering employees and employers.


Paymenow’s Journey With LevelUp


In 2019 and 2020, Paymenow was in the start up phase and reached out to RCS, as global industry trendsetters and as potential clients. RCS introduced the Paymenow team to the LevelUp programme, and RCS is considering the implementation of Paymenow for their staff.

Deon Nobrega, co-founder of Paymenow, says, “The LevelUp programme provided great tutelage and tutorship, which helped us, not just with product development, but in understanding the various market segments in South Africa”. The LevelUp programme enabled the founders to take stock of their business and identify the need to focus on their policies and procedures.


The Future For Paymenow


Although, due to Covid-19 restrictions, Paymenow conducted most of the LevelUp programme online, the team was still able to build networks with other entrepreneurs. The programme assisted Paymenow to bridge the gap from the start up phase into a new phase of growth and development.

Paymenow is facing an unforeseen flood of competition into the market. Says Deon, “That’s not necessarily a bad thing because a competitive landscape validates the product.” Although the original intent was for the business to expand internationally, the intensified local competition has meant Paymenow is redoubling its efforts to become the market leader in South Africa.